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Gardening Tips for November - The Joys of Leaf Mould
Posted on November 4th, 2010

Leaves are not only great sources of natural fertilizer, they are also an excellent soil amendment. If leaves are added to soil they provide organic matter, and they are a fantastic moisture retainer (they can hold between 3 – 5 times their weight in water).  

A good way to add leaves to the soil is to turn them into leaf mould first. This process takes 6 months to a year, but requires very little work. The easiest method is to keep the leaves in their plastic bags, add water so they soak well overnight and then pile up the bags in a secluded and unused spot in your yard. Poke a few holes in the bags for ventilation and leave them be. The leaf mould will be ready by next fall. The bags at the bottom of the pile will be ready first as they will have been compacted by the rest of the pile. If you want to speed up the process, just shred the leaves and soak them before packing them into the bags.

This information on leaf mould was taken from an excellent article by Michael Kalmanovitch. Check out the full article at  http://greenedmonton.ca/node/749

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